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I live off the love of God and lots of laughter.  You can mostly hear me from a mile away but goodness I say if you got a voice that travels then you might as well use it for the glory of God.

I was raised in Garner, North Carolina and currently reside in the small town of Angier with my handsome husband and two very busy and full of life, beautiful children. I have always had a passion for writing and then came a deep desire to serve God, which led me to start a daily devotional email list a few years ago.  

Through God’s gracious mercy, I have overcome teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, divorce, self-worth concerns, and many other obstacles. Through God’s love and kindness I have been redeemed and set free. I know what it feels like to feel crushed.  I love to speak life through biblical teachings into women of all walks, knowing that everyone can experience this same freedom. I have an overflowing passion to meet and serve people right where they are, knowing that this is how my Savior has loved me.

We are all beautiful creations that tend to get messy in the flesh.  What's profound though is that transformation is available at any time to every single one of us and it comes at a free cost.  He will take all your mess and turn it into something that is refined and purified for His glory.  

You are worthy of that transformation.  You are called to that purification.  You are His.

Let's walk this walk together.

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"God doesn't pick and choose who He wants. I think that's one of the most beautiful things about people when we look at them as a whole. We tend to see what's on the outside. We look at their actions and what's being presented to us at the time. God sees their heart! He looks at us all the same. The man begging for money to the CEO, the addict to the person with three jobs just trying to get by, the rebellious teen to the scholar; God has chosen us all!"

Crystal Fry

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Meet Crystal: Text
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